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Film and Media

Digital transformation is happening and competition is increasing. Broadcasters, telecom companies and cable companies need digital-based business strategies and associated capabilities as current market trends are fundamentally changing the media and entertainment industry. The growth of traditional revenue streams is declining as new revenue models are emerging. Individual business models are being replaced super-platforms. Digital brands are gaining prominence, powered by an ability to deliver an engaging multi-channel customer experience.



Digital transformation has overwhelmed the entire travel ecosystem, triggering a formidable rise in competition, as travel brands need to measure up to customers’ rising expectations. The travel and tourism industry’s global business is touching $1.3 trillion today, so it makes perfect sense for travel businesses to invest in digital transformation to grow it even more. With such projected rise in demand for travel, further digitalization will be the key bare essential if the expectations of travellers are to be met. In the digital age, we have become a generation of DIY travellers who plan, book and manage our travel aided by online travel marketplaces. The days of brick and mortar travel agencies are long gone.




The lines between physical and online retail are blurring. Aligning marketing, promotion and offer spends using data analytics, using technology to increase customer convenience, and investing in retail workforce management technology and platforms are the most commonly reported trends in near future. Cyber security, big data analytics and enterprise cloud are the digital technologies being utilized the most by retailers now.



Investing in technologies for big data analytics for predicting risk and the onset of health problems, electronic health record (EHR) systems modernization, and remote hospital-like care delivery are the most commonly reported trends in the coming years which will make a positive impact on their organization. Cyber security, big data analytics and artificial intelligence are the digital technologies being utilized the most by healthcare companies at present.




Improved cyber security, consumer analytics, omni-channel customer engagement and digital field operations are the most commonly reported trends in near future which will make a positive impact.Cyber security, enterprise cloud and big data analytics are the three digital technologies being utilized the most by utility companies today.



By 2050, the world’s population will have increased by almost third. As population growth increases, ramping up food production becomes more important. Technologies those increase the efficiency of farms, in the form of software, sensors, aerial-based data, internet-based distribution channels (marketplaces) and tools for technology-enabled farming is the need of the hour.


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